Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wetland Plant of the Week #13

Pistia stratiotes

"Water lettuce"

In Florida, this Obligate species is a non-native invasive.

Glazier (1996) describes P. stratiotes as a free-floating perennial of quiet ponds. It is stoloniferous, forms colonies, and has rosettes up to 15cms across. It has long, feathery, hanging roots. Its leaves are obovate to spathulate-oblong, truncate to emarginate at the apex, and long-cuneate at the base. Leaves are light green and velvety-hairy with many prominent longitudinal veins. Inflorescences are inconspicuous and up to 1.5cms long. Flowers are few, unisexual, and enclosed in a leaflike spathe.

Juvenile gator Concealed in the P. stratiotes

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