Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anti-Science and Ignorance Prevail – No on Stem Cell Research

State funding for embryonic stem cell research falls to the wayside at the State’s Capital today as Reps put politics and ignorance before science, ethics and public health during a debate at the Florida State University…

Rep. Eric Eisnaugle oppossed the research because his mommy said so…
“As much of a stake she has in this, she is absolutely against using public money to fund embryonic stem cell research,” said Eisnaugle.

And Miami Representative Anitere Flores decided to make a “definitive statement” in hopes of promoting misinformation and avoiding ethical challenges. Read her letter to Science and Ethics Chair Claire Thuning-Roberson - here.

Their arguments are as baseless and ignorant as the positions themselves.

Absolutely shameful, welcome to the south ya’ll !

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