Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: How the existence of god disproves climate change

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh - a proponent of creationism and intelligent design - detailed to his radio listeners that because his god wouldn’t have created us humans with a capacity to destroy our own environment, he doesn’t ‘believe’ in climate change.

As scientific evidence of this assertion, he explained that plants need carbon dioxide to produce oxygen for humans; thus, there is no way that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be a harmful thing…

Who needs science, when you have such astute republicans! I wonder if Rush would be willing to be sealed in a carbon dioxide filled chamber with a lovely bouquet of flowers to prove his point?

I hereby rest my case against the fallacy that evolution progresses towards human perfection.


  1. Presumably he also denies the existence of nuclear weapons, then.

  2. Crazy… I’m stunned by the kind of power guys like this have over people. People treat him like a superhero, when in fact he’s nothing more than an irrational, babbling fool.

    Scary stuff.

    Thanks for the comment!