Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wetland Plant of the Week #27

Sarracenia minor

"Hooded Pitcher Plant"

As with Sarracenia leucophylla and Sarracenia flava (Ecographica’s Wetland Plants of the Week numbers 24 and 25), the hooded pitcher plant is an Obligate, insectivorous member of the Sarraceniaceae Family that has evolved highly specialized leaves that are capable of capturing invertebrates. Native to Florida, this perennial plant displays yellow to yellowish-green flowers and leaves that are around 26 centimeters in length. One leaf – the hood – has adapted in such a way to overlap the cupped base of the plant, forming a "hood".

As with the above mentioned Sarraceniaceae, this plant loves wetlands, but demonstrates a greater tolerance for mesic environments than does the other two.

These were photographed in the Osceola National Forest a couple weeks back.

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