Friday, August 7, 2009

Wetland Plant of the Week #25

OK, maybe the workload has dissipated enough to drop a couple of posts here at Ecographica…

To get back things back on track, let’s first get caught-up with the Wetland Plant of the Week. Back in early July we left off with Sarracenia leucophyll, the white top pitcher plant, so let’s start there with another species of Sarracenia, the “trumpet-leaf pitcher plant.”

Sarracenia flava

Trumpet leaf pitcher plant

The trumpet-leaf, like the white top, is an insectivorous plant in which the leaves have adapted to form a “cup” capable of holding water. The trumpet-leaf has yellowish green pitcher leaves and hoods with a maroon colored interior neck. The hood stretches over the mouth of the “pitcher cup” but does not completely close it. The flowers are yellow in color, solitary and persistent. This pitcher plant is an Obligate species and is found in bogs and wet savannas.

This one was photographed near Panama City last Wednesday.

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