Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

I’ve just returned from a visit to my hometown of East Liverpool, Ohio (my trip north is the reason for the lull in activity here over the past 10 days); although, the majority of my time there was spent visiting with family and catching-up with old friends, I did find the opportunity to travel 45 miles due east to a world renowned museum – the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Growing-up an hour’s drive from one of the planet’s largest dinosaur collections was an absolute privilege. I first visited the museum in conjunction with a fifth grade field trip; since that inaugural adventure into the Mesozoic return pilgrimages have been made uncountable times with each stopover as awe-inspiring as the first. Even beyond the dinos, the museum exhibits an extraordinary gem and mineral collection, an Egyptian hall, its own biology field station, and an absolutely fantastic geology section - the kind of place that motivates both kids and adults to engage the world of science.

The museum is stunning; from the entrance greeting by Galileo to the type specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex (CM 9380) the Carnegie is extensive, immaculate and breathtaking - hats off to the museum’s staff, contributors and the city of Pittsburgh.

Pasted below are a few snapshots taken during my visit, there’s also an ABC News video embedded that provides a little more info on the museum’s recent 36-million dollar “Dinosaurs in Their Time” expansion, which strives to display fossils in natural postures and ecosystems.

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