Monday, July 19, 2010

Tsunamis Hit Florida - Not!

I’ve been told that there is a rumor going around about methane gas bubbles causing a tsunami...

From Florida Department of Environmental Protection:

“Tsunamis are unlikely to occur as a result of the Deepwater Horizon incident. These rumors involve the naturally occurring methane beneath the seafloor in the Macondo Discovery, which is the petroleum reservoir into which the Deepwater Horizon production well was drilled. Scientists and engineers are aware of the physical and chemical behavior of methane in the earth and ocean, as well as during production of petroleum.

Science does not support the notion of a methane-induced tsunami resulting from Deepwater Horizon activities. However, while the possibility of an induced tsunami is extremely remote, DEP continues to take all concerns seriously and is consulting with experts in all related scientific fields.

View the following DEP fact sheet with more information about methane gas and the Deepwater Horizon incident:

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