Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ecographica is a Finalist: Conservation or Geosciences

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Finalist

I just received an email from Research Blogging requesting my votes for 2010’s best blog awards…

Working through the nominees, I was surprised to discover that Ecographica was selected as a finalist in the Conservation and Geosciences category – I had no idea!

My thanks to the readers and judges for supporting this blog!!!!

Since January of 2009, Ecographica has contributed 109 research related posts to Research Blogging. Vertebrate Proxies of Climate Change has been the most popular of the research postings; it reviews/summarizes some of the ways in which vertebrates can be used to study shifting climates.

Thanks again!


  1. No thank you for dedicating so much of your free time to educate the rest of us. Your search for truth is honorable and I throughly enjoy your blog to bits! Never stop learning; never stop teaching, and I'll be reading intently.

  2. Michelle,

    Wow… I don’t know if I should blush or read your comment as having underlying sarcasm?

    Thanks for the comment!