Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Discovery Institute Sues CA Science Center

The Discovery Institute, a PR group that seeks to promote misinformation and quash science, has filed a lawsuit against a California Science Center for refusing to disclose certain public documents. The lawsuit follows the Science Center’s cancelation of a pro-intelligent design video at their IMAX Theater.

The film in question, “Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record,” features evolutionary scientist Simon Conway Morris - a recognized expert on the Cambrian Explosion and the Burgess Shale. Morris’s involvement in the film has raised questions, though he has stated during interviews that he wasn’t aware the film was a creationist documentary until after its release.

“Darwin’s Dilemma” was broadcast earlier this week on a fundamentalist christian network that’s included with my DirectTV subscription; the movie anxiously sits on my DVR awaiting review – I’m curious to see Morris’s role in the propaganda.

For more info on the suit see this news article.

To read more about the Morris controversy click over to this September post at Laelaps.

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