Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wetland Plant of the Week #31

Polygala rugelii“Milkwort”

Members of the Polygalaceae Family can be found the world over, with representatives of the Genus Polygala taking credit for at least half of the total species in the group (Polygala spp. account for about 500 of the 1000 species in the family). Known commonly as “milkworts,” about 23 of the species can be found in Florida, including Polygala rugelii pictured above.

Polygala rugelii displays an irregular basal rosette with spatulate leaves, and bright yellow flowers that are arranged in dense racemes. Like all – except one - Floridian Polygala, P. rugelii is a Facultative Wet plant that has adapted to thrive in hydric flatwoods, seepage slopes and savannas (note: P. Cymosa is the only non-Facultative Wet species in Florida – It’s an Obligate).

This one was photographed about two weeks ago near Yankeetown Florida.

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