Friday, July 10, 2009

Antibiotics: A Thing of the Past?

Acclaimed scientist and Nobel laureate Kary Mullis details a possible alternative to antibiotics.

Absolutely incredible!

Only about 4 min long:


  1. It's interesting, but I doubt it's the last word in drug design. The pathogen will evolve to not be recognised by the targeting system, just the same as evolving resistance to antibiotics. I guess it'd be easier to create a new, effective targeting aptamer when that happened, though.

  2. Thomas, I’m sure that you’re right. I’m inclined to think that antibiotics are around for the long haul… Human strategies to combat pathogens will, out of necessity, require a multi-front approach - for the evolutionary reasons that you mentioned.

    Just checked out your blog page – nice! It’s been added to my blog roll.