Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wetland Plant of the Week #1

Crinum americanum

“Southern Swamp-Lily” or “String-Lily”

Perennial herb with strap-like leaves and large white flowers distinguished by red stamen filaments. This obligate species was photographed in the Big Cypress.


  1. Yeah – currently employed as an ecologist; working primarily in wetlands. Being interested in biology, I wanted to add a taxonomic element to the page and it seemed that there were quite a few blogs regularly posting pics of animals – so I went with plants to add variety.

    I was previously employed in two other fields; paleontology and conservation law. So there may be an occasional post more relevant to those areas, as well as rationality and atheism.

    -I’ve added the i-Rational Theorist to my blogroll, looks like good stuff I’ll read through more of it this afternoon.

  2. Well, that is quite neat. I used to work at Home Depot, where I made it a personal goal to take the product knowledge for the whole entire store (and did, actually). Anyhow, what little I know of Botany comes from Home Depot PK that I took a while back, but basically that perennials are a sturdier plant that can stand up in the sun when compared to annual or seasonal plants. Really quite basic stuff though, garden hoses vs marine hoses, the different kinds fertilizers and concentrations of nutrients in them (K, P, N), etc. Anyhow, botany is some neat stuff.