Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Darwin Celebration - Florida State University

March 16-28, 2009

Great Speakers!

Schedule (Tentative, check site above)

March 17
Peter Harrison • Professor of Science & Religion, Oxford"The Origins of the Conflict Between Science and Religion"

March 18
Gary Mormino • Professor of History, U. South Florida"The Origins of Modern Florida: From Swamp to Swamped"

March 19
Sean B. Carroll • Professor of Biological Science, U. Wisconsin-Madison"Remarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origins of Species"

March 20
Ira Flatow • From National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” “Science Friday”

March 20
Lisa Randall • Professor of Physics, Harvard University"The Origins of the Universe"

March 21
Science & Arts Fair • Special Feature: The Florida Book Award Winners Showcase An all-day celebration with special exhibits and fun events for all ages!

March 23
E.O. Wilson • Evolutionary Biologist, Author, Harvard University“Darwin’s Four Great Books: The Origins of a Revolution”

March 24
Screenings • Feature: Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus (2006)More films and times: TBA March 25 Eugenie Scott Executive Director, National Center for Science Education The Origins of the Great American Creation Science/Evolution Debate event-->

March 26
Ron Numbers • Professor of the history of Science, Medicine and Religion in America at the University of Wisconsin-Madison"The Evolution of Creationism in America"

March 27
Don Johanson • Professor of Anthropology, Arizona State University "The Origins of Human Development"

March 28
Scotty Barnhart & Friends • Professor of Jazz Trumpet, FSU"The Origins of Jazz: A Tribute to the Evolution of America's Own Musical Art Form


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'll have to see if I can sneak my way up there...

  2. Wow! Somehow I missed your comment; thanks for posting.

    All sessions look great; I'll be disappointed if I can’t make the E.O. Wilson, Sean Carroll and Don Johansen lectures. Hopefully work doesn’t interfere…