Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not all Republicans Deny Science; but, all Science Deniers are Republican

Why has ignorance and irrationality become a sustainable political position? It seems as though every time I turn on the television or read the news I learn of a new public figure that has gained political clout through boasting about being ignorant of science - and almost always those public figures are members of the Republican Party!

What do republicans have against thinking things through?

In recent posts I have written about Marco Rubio (the current front runner in Florida’s U.S. Senate race) being a closeted creationist, Rick Santorum’s fight against the teaching of evolution, Utah State Representative Mike Noel idiotic work opposing climate change policy, and a host of other proud science deniers - all republican!

Can you imagine living in a place where people lacking knowledge, rationality or even the ability to reason opted to seek education or guidance in lieu of running for a political office? If you are able to imagine such a utopia, it’s probably safe to wager that it doesn’t look anything like the State’s of Tennessee or Illinois - the leading candidates for governor in both states are creationists! More specifically, they’re republican creationists (I know - shocking!!!).

In Tennessee gubernatorial poll-leader Ron Ramsey - the State’s current Lieutenant Governor - wants to include Intelligent Design as part of the public schools’ science curriculum. In considering the teaching of evolution and the possibility of instructing creationism, Ramsey stated that to “choose one or the other would ignore the beliefs of large numbers of Tennesseans. Our young people are smart enough to come to their own conclusions if both sides are presented fairly.” That’s right; his position on education is that the personal beliefs held by the majority override and supersede science.

Illinois’ leading Republican Candidate, current State Senator Bill Brady, is towing a similar party-line; but in addition to teaching creationism, he also supports inclusion of prayer in public schools…

There’s nothing special about the republicans in Florida, Utah, Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Tennessee; a philosophy of anti-science is ubiquitous to the Republican Party. Now, it very well may be possible - though it’s a stretch - that not all republicans deny science; but, the emerging pattern seems to overwhelmingly demonstrate that all science deniers are republican!

If not yet convinced of this phenomenon just consider the leading republican presidential candidates for 2012; Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and of course Sarah Palin - all fundamental creationists and all climate change deniers.

I fully realize that when selecting a politician to lead us there are many things to consider - more than just their views on science and science policy - but for goodness sake, how has science denial become a desired attribute for an entire political party?

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  1. I had a high school teacher with the John Stuart Mill quote over his blackboard:

    Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.

    Somehow I doubt it is still there today.

  2. Note to self: Learn more about the recent research into the psychology of repubs and dems.

    So far, Johnny, what little I've read on the subject supports what you say.