Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marco Rubio: The Creationist in the Closet

Republican Marco Rubio, the current front runner in Florida’s U.S. Senate race, should come out of the closet – he’s obviously a creationist.

Although it is often considered politically incorrect to ‘out’ someone without their permission, in Rubio’s case I doubt that revealing his irrational ideologies will be much of a shock to anyone. In fact - now that I think about it - referring to Rubio as a creationist probably only serves to reinforce the devotion of his flock… After all, religious fundamentalism has been his political platform throughout his career.

For example, prior to 2008 the word ‘evolution’ wasn’t even included in Florida’s science education standards. In 2007, when a much needed revision of the State’s education standards began to lift the veil from the eyes of Florida’s students, Rubio was there as Speaker of the House pleading for inclusion of intelligent design as part of the science curriculum. Rubio fought against the teaching of evolution claiming that it infringed on Academic Freedom. Rubio argued for Academic Freedom in the same sense that it is propped by the Discovery Institute; the version of teaching that allows creationism to be placed on equal ground with biology, astrology on common footing with astronomy, and the version that grants alchemy the scientific relevancy of chemistry.

When interviewed about the teaching of evolution, Cuban-American Rubio compared the teaching of evolution to the tactics used by Fidel Castro’s communist party to undermine families and the church - a means of controlling the masses.

Rubio also said that "…whether what a parent teaches their children at home should be mocked and derided and undone at the public school level. It goes to the fundamental core of who is ultimately, primarily responsible for the upbringing of children. Is it your public education system or is it your parents?" He continued, "And for me, personally, I don't want a school system that teaches kids that what they're learning at home is wrong."

Indeed Mr. Rubio, the purpose of education should be to reinforce already held beliefs!

In addition to his battles against the Florida Board of Education, Rubio’s website also boasts that he would oppose any legislation that would allow Federal dollars to be spent on stem cell research.
But don’t worry; in addition to being pro-life, he’s also pro-gun, wants to drill for oil in National Wildlife Refuges and has the backing of the tea-baggers!

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